Myths and legends from across the world come together to challenge everything you believe.

Heaven’s first rebel, Lucifer, navigates life in the human world after a betrayal by his second-in-command, Abaddon. His plans for revenge are nearly derailed when he finds himself falling for a fiery woman, Lexi Sutton—a witch with a huge secret of her own.

With allies that span the mythological spectrum, they prepare to fight to protect the world from Hell’s ambitious new ruler. But neither Lucifer nor Lexi could’ve predicted what awaited them at the end of their journey. The unexpected culmination of a prophecy made ages ago.

One that only a certain God of Mischief seems to have all the answers to.


Abaddon has staged a coup and ousted me as King of Hell.
After escaping his chains, Lucifer retreats to the unlikely city of Boston to lick his wounds and plan his revenge. He takes on the human guise of Sam Rivers, sole proprietor of a popular bakery on the UMass campus, passing the time until he can retake his throne.

Lexi Sutton, daughter of a powerful witch and an even more powerful god of mischief —**cough**Loki**cough**— only wants to live a normal life with normal relationships, but getting through dates without her chaotic magic going haywire has proven next to impossible, and she’s ready to give up on ever finding love.

When Lexi’s roommate tells her about a job opening at a new bakery, Lexi goes for it. She didn’t know resisting the charms of the panty-melting owner would be so difficult, or that giving in would kick off a chain of events that destiny had been waiting thousands of years to unleash.

Will Hell’s original Devil heal her heart, or will finding out his secret identity shatter it?


Lucifer never thought love could burn more than Hellfire.

Boston’s newest power couple, Sam and Lexi, are trying to find a balance between their relationship and the looming war that threatens to consume them.

Dealing with threatening gods and running a bakery together is putting a strain on their otherwise happy relationship. Add in the chaos brought by the queen of monsters, aka Sam’s former girlfriend, and you have a recipe for a disaster. ‘
But Lexi has a few tricks up her sleeve to make sure their love survives the devil’s ex and the threat of apocalypse, and she’s determined to make it work. Maybe she can count on her father, Loki, for help.


They stole his heart, and now there’s Hell to pay.

Abaddon made a grave mistake when he went after Lexi. Now her father, Loki, has a plan to win Lucifer a powerful ally that could help get her back. But not all is as it seems beyond the bifrost, and the time for a reckoning has come.

Meanwhile, Lexi finds allies in the unlikeliest of places and discovers connections she never imagined. While she carves a path through the nine circles of Hell, she learns more about herself and the icy magic that’s been haunting her for weeks.

Lucifer and Lexi are worlds apart, but their bond is strong. Will it be enough to survive what’s coming, or will Lilith finally succeed in tearing them apart permanently?