The magical dating service knows best… Right? We can only hope.

Andromeda is sick of being used in relationships. She’s smart and talented, and scares more men than a vasectomy without anesthesia. Working for one of the top PR firms around, she gets to see how terrible people are on a daily basis, and she’s over it. Now that she’s over forty, she was all but ready to give up on love. As a last ditch, she agrees to give an exclusive dating agency a chance, but only because her best friend recommends it to her. What’s the worst that could happen? Another failed, short-term relationship won’t kill her.


Bran de Clare, Monster King. His people have long been trapped in another dimension, but Bran is determined to find a place for them in the modern world, and do whatever it takes to fix the violent and cruel reputation that has plagued his kind since their banishment.

Both Andromeda and Bran soon realize factions in both of their worlds want to destroy any hope of a peaceful reunion of the so-called monsters to the human world. The human scientists will do anything to keep the knowledge of magic a secret. Monster rebels work against Bran day and night in an attempt to take over the worlds. Both of them.

Bran and Andromeda must overcome their vast differences to come together and save their worlds. If they happen to fall in love along the way? Alls the better, but neither see that happening any time soon.


A muse in the flesh…at least to the shapeshifter who so desperately needs her help.

Only one problem: Cathy’s creativity is gone. Kaput. Dead in the water. Without it, she’s a shell of the woman that she once was, lost and bitter without the one thing that makes her who she truly is.

Reynard is the trickster king, a shapeshifter of the first order whose purpose is to help bring his kind into the human world. Cathy is a friend of his family, but more than that, he and the rest of his kind need her art and creativity to aid the plan to convince humanity to accept them. Without it, his people will be forced back to the world where they have been exiled for so long.

The greater good is reason enough for Reynard to help Cathy regain her creativity, but as they get to know one another more, he realizes that perhaps he is more personally invested.

Without Cathy, the plan to rejoin the human world will die, but without her creativity, Cathy will wither, and Reynard isn’t willing to let either of those things happen.

Not without a fight.


Can Taniquel stop her nightmares before they consume her?

Visions of plagues and death. Her leave of absence is consumed by them, and she is feverishly digging into her expertise in virology, hoping that there might be some rhyme or reason for the terrible dreams that plague her. When nothing comes up, she attempts to distract herself by reaching out to the dating agency that she had pushed away, and agrees to go on a date. Not her first choice, but her third.

Ironic, that the date for a virologist is a vampire. Hugh’s people are the worst afflicted with the plague that forces them to hunger for blood- and to enjoy taking it, even by force. Science in the hands of the starfolk caused it, so the best he can hope is that science can cure it as well.

The nightmares and the disease are entwined- and the starfolks’ minions don’t want it cured. Can Taniquel avert the disaster that haunts her dreams, and save Hugh and his people in the process?


The future is a gift…but when it’s all you can see, it is also a curse.

Ximena’s visions of the future have helped her achieve fabulous wealth, but her mind cannot handle the strain. She hides in her remote home, living like a hermit in the hopes of not having any more of the dooming visions that push her to the brink. When her friend Andromeda tells her that she is needed to save magic, she’s not sure that she can help. All she sees is doom.

Martellus is a troll, a member of a dying breed. There are only ten trolls remaining in Dream, and no matter their power, their only hope for the future is finding compatible humans in the hope that something of their kind will be preserved. Equally important, at least to Martellus, is vengeance on those who trapped them in Dream at the start. Preserving all the races will spite them, and the woman the service matches him with can provide the power and wealth needed to do so, if she can be freed from the chains of her uncontrolled gift.

Both goals align, at least at this. Martellus has one task: convince Ximena to help them. But if she does, will it be to help his kind, or love of Martellus himself?


In a world where magic potions can manipulate the heart, Cassie’s been played. Betrayed by an ex-husband who bewitched her into love and blinded her to his deceptions, she’s now gun-shy and aggravated.

Life doesn’t pause for the weary. Cassie is thrust into a liaison role with the elves—a capricious race infamous for abducting mortals for their novelty.

As she navigates a labyrinth of enchantment, intrigue, and unwelcome surprises, Cassie must confront her past while fighting to not lose herself again. In a world where chaos reigns and trust is fragile, Cassie’s biggest challenge might be to reclaim her own heart.


Halo has mastered the art of secret-keeping, especially from her closest pals. Not a soul knows about her glory days in ancient Egypt, and as the Trickster King’s right-hand woman, she’s too busy babysitting shifters to spill the beans.

When Edward, a daemon she’s pre-judged as a bad influence, waltzes into her life, all bets are off. With the ominous shadow of the Formless ones creeping closer, Halo and Edward are forced to pool their not-so-compatible talents.

As they grudgingly work together, Halo can’t help but find Edward dangerously attractive, much to her chagrin. With the lines between friend and foe getting fuzzier by the minute, Halo must confront her secret-laden past and decide if opening up is worth potentially saving their world or just a recipe for a disaster.