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Order Now! Leyak, Book 2 of the Unseen

Did you miss book 1, Supay? Find it here.

Several months after the heartbreaking events in the ruins of the Isla Del Sol, all Riley wants is to resolve her complicated past and move on with life. Pregnant, married, and safe, she never expects to be kidnapped while on vacation with her husbands.

Her kidnappers open her eyes to a dangerous threat to her baby’s entire existence. Her children’s safety is her top priority, and Riley will stop at nothing to achieve it. Is she strong enough to save her family?

*Please note, The Unseen Series is a polyamorous love story featuring a strong woman, danger at every corner, and adult themes written for an adult audience. You might want to have a fan ready to cool yourself down when you read this…or not. You were warned.*

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