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Ava’s life has been a delicate balance of the mystical and the mundane, but nothing could have prepared her for the whirlwind that is two paranormal infants. Holy naptime, Grandma.

It was enough to expect to help raise a super-powerful baby witch in the form of her new granddaughter Imogene. Now Ava and Drew are the adoptive parents of the world’s cutest baby ogre. Despite his monstrous appearance, Ava's maternal instincts kick in, and she finds herself loving the most unusual baby she could ever imagine.

Ava only thinks her hands are full, but then Olivia is called away on a mission to hunt intruders in Faery. As Ava navigates the challenges of forty-something motherhood, Imogene's untamed powers, and the antics of her beautiful new son, Shipton goes haywire. The entire town is plunged into a riotous spectacle of wacky magical mishaps, and nobody is around to help except the coven.

With her hands full, Ava must navigate the chaos, balancing the demands of her unconventional family while taming the unpredictable energies that threaten to upend Shipton Harbor.

As long as Ava doesn’t forget the diaper bag, she’s got this covered.