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The Unseen Series got a makeover! New covers, new titles, but the same excellent story. ❤

Vampires? Hell, no. 

Five years ago, my world was turned upside down when my husband and sons disappeared without a trace. I mourned, I searched, and when I got no answers, I began to prepare. Nobody would catch me vulnerable again.

I was wrong to think my life couldn’t get any crazier. Now there’s two vampires at my door telling me my missing family wasn’t human…and neither am I. 

I have a chance to regain everything I’ve lost. But first, I have to find the truth about my heritage. All while fighting the overwhelming attraction I have for my missing husband’s best friends. 

No matter what, my mourning is done. My life is in my control again. And I will burn the world to the ground to get my family back. 
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