Cinco de Mayo Pub Crawl!

Welcome to our Cinco de Mayo pub crawl! Below you’ll find all the groups or pages participating in the crawl. Go to each group and find the pub crawl post. In that post you’ll see a small giveaway, as well as a passcode to enter a $50 Amazon Gift Card giveaway here. You can enter as many or as few passcodes as you’d like, but of course, the more passcodes you get, the higher your chances of winning.

I know, I know, it’s a lot of groups. But there are so many giveaways, it’s totally worth the time. And I’ll tell you a secret, you can also go to the giveaway and enter by following on Bookbub, which, who doesn’t love Bookbub!?

Enjoy the crawl! 

L.A. Boruff
Rebels of Romance
Simply Romance Bookish Weekend
Reverse Harem Book Blog
Between the Sheets
L.A. Boruff’s Inner Circle
Skye’s Book Harem
Rainbow Central
The Paranormal Council (Laura Greenwood’s Reader Group)
Forever Eve’s Reverse Harem Books & Promo
Albany’s Agents (Readers group)
Helen’s Hellraisers
Lovers of Haret – Laurel Chase
E.B. Black’s Street Team
Chrissy Jaye’s Shade Harem
Kyndra’s Mech Alien Street Team
Misty’s Malloy’s Paranormal Posse

Terri’s Bookluvers