Blind Date With a RH Book

Welcome to Blind Date With a Reverse Harem Book! For the foreseeable future, I’ll be posting twice a week (Mondays and Fridays). I’ll post pertinent information about the RH book, but you won’t see a title, author, or cover. You’ll have no pre-judgement about the book. If it appeals to you, you can click the link and buy the book! If it doesn’t, you can try the next blind date.

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The books will be vetted by me, and will have at least decent editing. The books will be either standalones or a series with 3 or more titles already released.

Ready? Let’s go on our first Blind Date.

SERIES: Standalone in a series of standalones.
GENRE: PNR/Fantasy
PNR CREATURES: Greek Mythology, gods, goddesses
TROPES: Enemies to Lovers
HEAT LEVEL: 5 (1 being icy cold, 5 being the flames of hell)

My notes about this book: The reviews didn’t mention anything about editing issues, which is promising. I’ve read other books by this author and liked her writing style. I’m going to dig into this one this week!

Blurb: My life is a giant crap pile with a cherry thrown on top. I’m an immortal woman with a deadly curse. And now I’ve been kidnapped by three mouthwateringly sexy gargoyles, who I’m pretty sure want me dead.

But it gets better…

While I’m trying to make the best of being a prisoner, guarded by yummy eye-candy, I’m also being dragged on a dangerous mission. One that throws me right back into a world which has haunted me for far too long. And if history repeats itself, might end in some seriously twisted scenarios.

Things don’t look good for me. But then, that’s not unusual. What is? I think I’m not just risking my life this time, I’m risking my heart. And that’s one thing that even my kind fear.

Take me on my Blind Date With a Reverse Harem Book!