Ungrateful Colonials Day Pub Crawl

Welcome to the Ungrateful Colonials Day Pub Crawl!
Our crawl officially begins at 12am Eastern time on July 4th and ends at 12am Eastern time on July 6th, so you have 48 hours to enter to win!

If you’ve already done our pub crawls and you know how this works, feel free to skip ahead and make sure you’re in all the groups. If you haven’t, here’s how it works:
You start off in whatever group you’d like. The list of participating groups and pages are below. You can join as many or as few as you’d like, but the more you join, the more chances you have to win!

Each group has a small giveaway in it, plus a link to a big giveaway (A Kindle Fire 7!). In each group you’ll find a passcode. In order to enter to win that Kindle Fire 7, you need passcodes. The more passcodes you get, the more chances you have to win. Once you have all the passcodes you want to get you go here and enter them to win the Kindle! Easy Peasy. <3 Good luck!

Joely’s Triune
Reverse Harem Book Blog
L.A Boruff’s Facebook Page
Miki & Mine, Guys and Goyles Group
Skye’s Book Harem
Chrissy Jaye’s Shade Harem
The Paranormal Council (Laura Greenwood’s Reader Group)
Kinkaid Knight
Rainbow Central (Arizona Tape’s reader group)
E.B. Black’s Street Team
Rebels of Romance
Terri’s Bookluvers
Simply Romance – It’s Better Than Bacon
Kyndra’s Mech Alien Street Team
L.A. Boruff’s Inner Circle
Harper’s Holler
Rebecca’s Randomness
Romy Lockhart Reader Group
Lyla’s Grimmlins
Bee Murray Books
The Black Cat Coven. R.M. Walker’s Readers Group.
Rinna’s Reader Group
Fae-ful Readers
Joelle’s Belles
K.A. Morse’s Cursed Readers
Kyndra’s Mech Alien Street Team
Dark Dreamers
Jewels Arthur’s Smutty Swooners
KB Everly’s Readers Group
Lilly Griffin’s Literary Antics and Escapades
Simply Romance Bookish Weekend

Lacey’s Realm

Rhiannon Lee’s Hellions

Jaliza’s Magical Misfits

Mika Lane’s Insiders Group