No one ever told me what to do if I ended up forty-something, divorced, and jobless.

When my ex knocks at my door with his new girlfriend I somehow manage to turn them into toads. But that’s not possible, right?

Still, my ex-husband’s car is in the driveway, and he’s nowhere to be found. Which doesn’t look great for me.

So I do the only rational thing I can think of… I run for it, straight back to the small town I grew up in. Mystic Hollow is exactly the way I remember it, except now it seems that everything I thought was normal and boring is supernatural. Even my group of childhood friends appear to be magical in unexpected ways.

And the hot guy I had a schoolgirl crush on? Apparently, he’s an alpha shifter who digs me.

Moving back home might be the fun I’ve been missing.

That is until my brother disappears. Now, it’s up to me to find him, even if I have to take on vampires, shifters, sirens, and a whole lot of crazy to do it.

I know that so long as I have my friends backing me, I’ll find him because no one wants to be on karma’s bad side…

I thought being Karma would be a cinch. I thought wrong.

Turns out someone knows what I did to my jerk ex and his sleazy girlfriend. Or at least they left me a note telling me they knew, not that they bothered to sign it.

When my ex is reported missing and cops from my old town start sniffing around I know I’m in trouble.

What’s worse?

I find a body outside my house. The town philanderer.

Now everyone’s giving me the side-eye, including the man I had a crush on all those years ago, and rumors are flying, which jeopardizes my new job. To top it all off I still don’t know how to use my powers.

I thought life was supposed to get easier as you got older?

What does Karma have to do with the ghostly world? Apparently, everything. When I meet a psychic in Mystic Hollow, I’m skeptical. Even though, you know, I’ve accepted most of the supernatural world.

But who could blame me when the psychic acts like a stereotype from a really corny show? Yet when our hands touch, everything changes.

Suddenly, I’m seeing ghosts all over our little town. And when they realize I can see them, I become the karmic justice for far too many ghosts. Just another crazy day in my life though, right? Wrong. When one of the ghosts wants revenge against one of my witchy pals, I find myself trying to dive into the dark past of our town. Because this ghost is angry. And if I can’t figure out the truth in time, our little gang is in trouble…