Jilted at the altar a month before her fortieth birthday. Poor Hailey. Midlife really does have a crisis. Or is it that midlife is the crisis? Either way, it sucks.

Hailey Whitfield can’t take any more run-ins with her ex. It’s time for a big change.

She’s never considered moving away, but it’s her best plan yet. Bonus – her bestie lives next door! However, her new neighbor is… weird, to say the least. Extremely hot, but odd. So are his friends.

But Hailey will take strange neighbors over facing her lying, cheat, deadbeat ex-fiancé all day, any day.

Finding a job in a new town is more challenging than she realizes. With her savings depleted from the move, Hailey
has to suck it up and take what she gets. After taking a job as a private nurse for an injured bounty hunter, things start to look up.

Then a skip falls into her lap.

Okay, sure. She was being nosy and reading an incoming fax intended for her patient. But with a little encouragement, Hailey takes on the task of tracking down the skip. It’s easy money. Right?


This skip is far more than Hailey bargained for. And her life is about to change in a very bloody and pointy kind of way.

What a bite in the… Well, you know.

With the help of her witchy best friend and her new, very pale neighbor, Hailey is going to collect her bounty.

Or die trying.


Bounty Hunter.
Middle-aged babe. Maybe?

Now that Hailey is solidly settled in Philadelphia and her new vampire life, she’s setting roots, tracking down criminals, and taking names. Things have happened so fast starting the moment she moved into her new home.

But she’s not one to sit on her duff and let life pass her by. Even an undead life.

With her best friend, new friends, and her Mr. Buttinski Brother, Hailey is ready to take on the world and deal with what life has given her, one night at a time.

But she didn’t bargain for taking on the vampire elder council. Yeesh. This may be a little more than she can chew… er, suck. Bite?

Somehow, Hailey must pass their challenges and survive the next bit of shocking news coming her way. Something a certain vampire maker is going to drop in her lap during the big trial with the elders.

She’s going to make it work and get herself and Jax out of this mess. These elders got nothing on Hailey Whitfield


Forty and fanged.

That’s only half of who Hailey Whitfield is. She’s also a bounty hunter and the true mate to the vampire master who made her. The latter is something she isn’t sure she is ready for. She’d previously sworn off marriage. Never again. A true mating bond, though, seems like so much more than a marriage!

She has two months to figure out the bonding thing and she plans to put a pin in it for now. A more important mission had come up. Her friend and fellow bounty hunter, Chloe, is missing, and it’s up to the Bond Girls to bring her home.

The case takes a dangerous turn that sends Hailey and her team undercover to get an invite to the largest masquerade ball on the east coast.

Is it wrong to be excited about the ball and scared for her friend at the same time? Probably. But Hailey is taking the world by storm, one case at a time.


Hailey Whitfield is fed up with being told what to do, when to do it, and how she should be going about it.

Don’t tell her how to live her life.

It’s time for Hailey to stand up and do what needs to be done. First up, saving her brother, if he can be saved. Next, complete the mating bond with Jax, the US vampire leader. After that, who knows? Maybe she’ll take on the world. Or at least the vampire council.

While she figures out what she’s going to do next, Hailey’s bond recovery agency, The Bond Girls, is thrown into a skip-trace that pulls at the heartstrings. What are the ladies supposed to do when the skip is being unfairly targeted?

They do what’s right, of course. Too bad it’s not so cut and dry. But Hailey is determined now. She’s the master of her destiny, and she’ll figure this out, too.


Newly mated vampire, Hailey Whitfield has a long to-do list that involves protecting her brother, dealing with newfound powers, and plotting to take over the entire vampire political leadership system.

It’s not enough that she and Jax have done everything the council asked. Yeah, sure, there were some rocky roads and a little defiance on her end, but they managed it.

Still, Soran and Gretchen aren’t happy. Something to do with a prophecy about Jax and Hailey being the new power couple that could bring an end to the council.

Well, they have a right to be paranoid. Don’t mess with Hailey and her tight circle of family and friends. It won’t end well.

When Hailey and the Bond Girls track down a skip who isn’t human, they have decisions to make. But this skip has information Jax and Hailey need to implement their plan for dominating the midlife.

Their lives, along with those of the vampire race, are about to change forever

Hailey thought that after dealing with the corruption within the vampire council, her life would go back to normal.

Well, as normal as a vampire bounty hunter could be.

She realizes that downtime is not in the cards for her or her new extended family any time soon when hunters come to town.

This time witches aren’t on their hunting list.