Blind Date With A RH Book Volume 4

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KU: No
SERIES: 3, a complete series – and you can get the boxed set
GENRE: PNR, Post-Apoc
TROPES: Fleeing from abuse; based on Greek and Norse mythology
HEAT LEVEL: 3 in first book, grows in sequels (1 being icy cold, 5 being the flames of hell)
BURN: fast

My notes about this book: Well written, excellent story. Well edited. Love.

Blurb: Four sexy shifters take in a young woman fleeing from an abusive relative. After they’ve established that they aren’t interested in eating her (at least not in *that* way), they develop a friendship that quickly becomes something more… Something so steamy that it might just melt the snow of the harsh post-apocalyptic winter.

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