Blind Date With a RH Book Volume 2

Welcome to Blind Date With a Reverse Harem Book! For the foreseeable future, I’ll be posting twice a week (Mondays and Fridays). I’ll post pertinent information about the RH book, but you won’t see a title, author, or cover. You’ll have no pre-judgement about the book. If it appeals to you, you can click the link and buy the book! If it doesn’t, you can try the next blind date.

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The books will be vetted by me, and will have at least decent editing. The books will be either standalones or a series with 3 or more titles already released.

Ready? Let’s go on our second RH Blind Date.

SERIES: 3 Books Out
GENRE: PNR/Sci-Fi Fantasy
TROPES: Dark Superhero
HEAT LEVEL: 1 (1 being icy cold, 5 being the flames of hell)
BURN: Slow! Picks up in book 2

My notes about this book: Editing seems good, so yay! Reviews seem very positive. This is my weekend read!


In a world filled with terror they needed a hero…so they became one themselves. They’ll fight for survival—and they’ll fight even harder for love.

There’s a place from my nightmares. 

A place where bad things hide.

The memories kept me awake for most of my life. But it’s not what keeps me awake anymore. 

It’s her. 

She calls me, desperate and pleading. Like a shining star I can’t quite find. I feel those men from my nightmares coming for her. Only she can’t sense them—she can’t see. 

Not the past. 

Or the future…unlike me.

Until one day as I stood in a doorway in the barren wasteland in Afghanistan with my squad at my back…my star dimmed, and sputtered out. 

I have two holes in my chest now. One which bears her name. 

I have to find her. I pray I’m not too late. First I have to find the others, two more guys like me. 

Together we seek a North Star.  

One we were born half in love with.

Leading us back home. 

Without ever knowing we were lost at all.

Take me on my Blind Date With a Reverse Harem Book!