Booksmas Pub Crawl!

It’s time for another pub crawl! If you know what to do, see below. If not, read on.

There’s a buuunch of links below. Click on as many as you’d like and join the groups. In each group will be a giveaway. You can enter the group’s giveaway, but while you’re there grab their PASSCODE. Each group has a specific passcode you’ll need! When you’ve gathered all the passcodes, go to rafflecopter here to enter to win a $50 Amazon gift card!

Rebels of Romance
Simply Romance. It’s Better Than Bacon
Terri’s Bookluvers
Skye’s Book Harem
The Ice Cream Shop Series
Wendy Lanore
Helen’s Hellraisers
Skyler’s Den of Darkness
Queen Lucy VIP – Rhiannon Lee’s Reader Group
The Gateway Saga Reader Group
A.C. Pontone’s reader group
Adell Ryan’s Genus
Elena’s Lawless Lords & Ladies
Jaliza’s Fantasy
The Goddess Realm
Madison’s Magical Reading Realm
Blake’s Lusty Legion reader group
Prose and Khans
Joelle’s Bells
The Koled Cave
Cortney’s Secret Keepers
The Wylde Side
Arthurs’ Assembly
Romance with a Bang
Author Imani L Hawkins
The Black Cat Coven R.M. Walker’s reader group
Joely’s Triune

Katie’s Knights

Nova’s Blazing Books

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