I did it. I’m going to KU

So I swore I’d never put my books into Kindle Unlimited again. When I released my first book, amazon took half my page reads because they said I was using fraudulent means to get reads.

I wasn’t. I didn’t. I don’t believe my reads were fraudulent at all.

So I pulled from KU and went wide. It was okay. Not terrible. Not fantastic. But now, I’m spending the winter writing.

If all goes well next spring I’ll release the ending of the Unseen series, a novella about Todd in Southern Soil, two co-written series (one with HK Khan, one with Lili Zander), and an entirely new series called Saturday in Reverse. All will be RH.

In the meantime, while I’m writing all winter, I threw most of my books into Kindle Unlimited. I don’t want to spend valuable writing time doing ads and stuff. I want to write some words!!!

So enjoy. Read up. And be ready for the spring. It’s gonna be awesome.

All my love to you! 😘😘😘

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